Turkey is a very rich country in terms of agricultural products.
MRC FOOD was established in order to sell the products, which are provided by leading expert
producers from several regions of Turkey, to Europe notably and foreign markets. Our company,
which supplies products at international quality and standards, brings many different food group
such as spice, legume, dried fruit, tahini, olive oil together with whosalers, restaurants and
end-consumers. Our company began to offer faster and more effective solutions to the needs and
demands of customers with the opening of Germany office and warehouse in 2017.


We supply products from the producers that we work with within the
framework of mutual commercial respect and who have international quality certificates,
who attach importance to food safety and produce in accordance with the standards of the market where we export


The quality is the most significant part of the job we carry out.
We always keep this perception at the highest point with discipline, inspection and analysis.


As we offer our customers options like one product in one container,
different product in one container, partial loading option on the basis of pallet, we also offer
opportunity to receive different products in small quantities from our warehouse in Germany. Our
company provides operational convenience and shipping advantage by reducing the workload of its
customers and making solutions to their needs as a principle.