Dried Fruits

The dried fruits obtained by desiccating fruits which are picked in the seasons under the sun involves much more vitamins by contrast with their fresh ones. It is nutritious with its fibrous structure and it has the feature of protecting against illnesses and these are essential nutritions for those who diet.

Dried Grape

As well as the taste of grapes of Aegean Region fits for sultans and it is unique, it is known as Sultaniye. We offer our customers with grapes of Sultaniye, whose homeland is Turgutlu district of Turkey in 6 different colour quality and each one in 5 different caliber. You just need to contact us for the product you are interested. We and our producers, who have BRC, ISO 22000 (HACCP) and ISO 9001-20008 certificates, offer you with the best Sultaniye grapes of Turkey.

Dried Apricot

Our country is one of the most important apricot production centers around the world. The 85% of produced apricot is exported. Dry air is required for apricots to grow healthily, those which are grown in humid soil become wet and huge, the ones which are grown in poor soil are proper apricots for drying. The dried apricot is very rich in terms of vitamin and mineral. It is so beneficial with regards to fibre ratio, iron, potassium and magnesium and it is appropriate to stock in long duration.

Dried Fig

Our country is the largest and high quality producer of figs and Aegean region is the region where this product is mostly grown. The 54% of dried fig production of the world is made here and it is exported. This dried fruit, which contains high rate of protein, antioxidant, vitamin and minerals and which is rich in terms of fibre, is appropriate for long-term storing.